What Is In the Name?

Ever since my husband and I were young, we both enjoyed doing puzzles. I enjoy how all the different colored and shaped pieces come together to make a wonderful picture when you are finished. It is relaxing just focusing on one piece at a time to see where it fits into the bigger puzzle. Puzzles line the walls in our house. “Puzzle pieces” was our wedding theme; what we decorated with, on our wedding invites, and our guest book was a wooden puzzle, fitting our two different “life” pieces together to make one loving complete “life” puzzle, thus the name BiitsNPiecesforKids.

I feel like that is my life- little pieces of this and little pieces of that coming together in hopes that when it is complete all the pieces make a beautiful picture. I feel like my approach in life is using a little of this and a little of that to get what works best in any given situation or for myself, kids, or family. I never take a curriculum that I find and just use it; I am always adding or changing things around. I never take one approach in therapy either and am always changing things to make the same mundane stuff more exciting and fun.

The only thing in my life that I completely take has been my faith. I know that God is in control of all the BitsNPieces of my life so I don’t have to worry about what the finished product will be. I am His child and He will use my life in a way that will bring glory to Him.

Who Am I?

First and utmost I am a princess of the one true King! I am the Lord’s child. God is the center of my life and what keeps me from falling apart daily. He is what I live for. I am also a wife to my high school crush/boyfriend, David. He is my better half. I couldn’t do life without his love, support, friendship, care, and grace he gives me on a daily basis.

 I am also a mom of two wonderful children who always keep me on my feet. They bring joy, laughter, tears, frustration and so much more into my life. My son and oldest child, Ranger D, loves nature, being outside, and wants to be a ranger someday, (well that’s one of his many jobs: ranger, trash truck driver, construction worker, etc. the list goes on and on). His imagination and creativity are so wonderful. He is full of detailed stories. I feel like every day I am living in a fancy world that is full of fun and exciting adventures and only about a thousand and two questions.

My daughter and youngest child is Princess D (well that’s what I call her). Princesses and that stuff is not her cup of tea; she would rather do what her big brother is doing (just mixing in babies and bags of course). We never go anywhere without a baby and backpack or bag in hand or nearby. She is my feisty daredevil. She’s the one that keeps me on my feet daily. She has been blessed the different perspectives to life she brings; full of love and compassion and a strong will to fight for what she wants.

We have decided to homeschool both of our kids. That means I am also a teacher, nurse, cook, mentor, psychologist, housekeeper, therapist, friend, accountant, crafter. . . this list could go on forever. When you are a stay-at-home, homeschool mom you became a little bit of everything.


Before I decided to be a stay-at-home, homeschool mom. I was a Kindergarten and Preschool teacher. I have been working with kids for as long as I can remember. My mom is a teacher and I would volunteer in her classroom for as long as I can remember. I enjoy working with kids and being with them. It could be that I am just a big kid at heart.

Diana Winge

Nature Outings

We have taken our kids on nature hikes with us since they have been babies. Both my husband and I enjoy being out in nature, taking pictures, and relaxing.  Our nature outings have changed a bit since we had kids. They seem to not be as long and we take quite a...

Shark Tooth Hunting

Looking for a fun free activity to do with your children? How about check out Venice Beach! The shark tooth capital of the world and go shark tooth hunting. Shark tooth hunting is like searching for hidden treasures. As you sift through shells and sand you find shark...

Signing Time!

Is your child just learning to talk or is delayed in speech? I have some wonderful DVDs you need to check out.  These are wonderful, fun DVDs that teach Early American Sign Language to kids and babies. Rachel Coleman, the maker of the Signing Time DVD's, has done...

Florida State Parks – Junior Ranger Program

I started doing the free Junior Ranger program from Florida State Parks with Ranger D when he was in Kindergarten. My Ranger D loved it so much that we are working on getting his second set of stamps.  Junior Ranger D with his completed Junior Ranger project....

Best Shoes for AFO’s (Ankle Foot Orthotics)

Does your child wear AFO’s? Are you struggling with putting on your child’s shoes? Struggle no more, I have the perfect shoes for you. Princess D has AFO's and after several different shoes and struggles trying to put them on, but then I found these Billy Shoes....

Play Laboratory

This year for our co-op (cooperative learning group), Shining Stars, we are learning about chemistry, physics, and the American government. I'm teaching at my favorite place to be- in the Preschool/Nursery. Kids learn best through play so I enlisted my kids' help...

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