This year for our co-op (cooperative learning group), Shining Stars, we are learning about chemistry, physics, and the American government. I’m teaching at my favorite place to be- in the Preschool/Nursery. Kids learn best through play so I enlisted my kids’ help to create a play laboratory.

DIY Play Laboratory

First: gather the supplies.

  • Scientific board
  • Computer paper
  • Construction paper (brown and yellow)
  • Paints
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Permanent marker
  • Stuff to make sensory jars/quite jars
    • Bottles of all different sizes and shapes
    • Hot glue
    • Labels
    • Water beads
    • Baby oil
    • Glitter glue
    • Soap with 

Second: create the laboratory backdrop.

Use white paper, construction paper, paint, and permanent markers. I drew the pictures of the bottles and Ranger D and Princess D painted away. Ranger D helped cut out the pictures and make the shelves. After they were all cut, we arranged them onto the scientific board and then they helped glue everything down. And finally, Ranger D added the name of the laboratory. 

Third: make bottles for “chemicals.”

We decided to label our different “chemicals” as the Fruits of the Spirit. So I had Ranger D write each fruit on a label. Then we stuck the labels on different bottles. Each bottle I filled with different things: one had pom-poms, one had lids, one looked like it was squirting out. (I used an empty self-filling water-balloon tube that attaches to the hose.) Others I made into Quiet Sensory jars. Here the link to the quiet sensory jars:

Last: I added science stuff.

Cups, measuring spoons, spoons, stir sticks (straws), twisters, droppers, magnifying glasses, etc. 

Then we started to play. We mixed and stirred, made chemicals that changed you into a frog, that blew up, and exploded. 

As we played, I talked about how and where we can find the different Fruits of the Spirit, what is the best mixture- you plus God, and how we used the Bible to learn more about that mixture for the best life. We sang two different songs: 

As a bonus, I made lab coats and badges for the kids to enjoy and play with. 

Do It Yourself Labcoat


White Shirt

Painter tape

Permanent Marker


Acrylic paints

Puff Paint

Cardboard (I used recycling cracker and cereal boxes)

First, I used the cracker box to make a pocket template and a button template. 

Second, I used the ruler and drew a straight line down the center of the shirt.

Third, I used the templates to add buttons and pockets.

Forth, I used the painter’s tape to go around the pockets. This is so the kids can paint by themselves and when it dries I can pull off the tape and it will still look like a pocket. 

Fifth, I flipped the shirts over and puff painted the name of our laboratory on the back.

Lastly, the kids got to paint their shirts and decorate them how they wanted.

Scientist Badges

On a lab tag, each kid wrote their name and then put their fingerprints on them. 

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