The section of the blog is designed, to get parents ideas of fun low-cost activities to do with their children.

Hello! My name is frugal mom. Yes, I think $10 is a lot to spend on only a few hours of fun for my kids. It’s not that I don’t like spoiling them. It’s me, I am very Frugal. If I can make something or buy it for cheaper somewhere else I’m going to do just that. 

Yes, my kids have tons of fun and are so creative in their play. Yes, they have a ton of toys and only play with half of them. I find they enjoy the cardboard boxes, extra wooden shelves, recycling items, dirt, and being outside the best. Kids these days are spoiled. My kids are no exceptions. But I’ve found that my kids don’t need me to spend a ton of money on them they just want me and my time. 

I spend a great deal of time finding and doing activities with my kids. I am going to share some of the fun things we do with you.