Is your child just learning to talk or is delayed in speech? I have some wonderful DVDs you need to check out. 

These are wonderful, fun DVDs that teach Early American Sign Language to kids and babies. Rachel Coleman, the maker of the Signing Time DVD’s, has done a great job. She has made them a fun, interactive, musical approach that gives parents and children a way to remember the different signs.

Signing Time!
Get Them for FREE!

Best of all I found that our local libraries (both the Lee and Collier County Library System) allow you to check out Signing Time DVDs for free for two weeks!  I also found out you can get a cross country sticker. Do this by asking your local librarian for one at the desk. Then take your library card to the other county and get a library card for that county. I have both a Collier and Lee County library card. With them, I just make requests online and then show up to the library branch and get what I want. No more having to search for it and I have access to all the materials in both counties and every library. 

Where Can I Buy Them?

You can also check them out at or order them on Amazon if you feel like you need a house copy. It’s also helping my Ranger D learn a second language. While helping develop my princess D’s vocabulary and expressive language to us.

 I would highly recommend these Signing Time DVDs for both babies learning to communicate and for kids who are late developing language. Signing language comes well before language development so your babies are able to communicate to you. Rachel Colemen has also created BabySigning Time DVDs, which are great for your little ones too. I taught Ranger D sign language when he was a baby so he could communicate with me easier. At the time I didn’t know about the DVDs so I just taught the basic ones. This is not to replace language itself, it’s just to help the process. I’ve seen with both Ranger D and Princess D that once they learn how to say the words they tend to drop the signs. 

Ranger D learning to sign all done in highchair!
How To Teach Signs

Like all electronic things, it does not replace your interaction with your child. You need to teach and use the signs with your child if you want them to help. For babies, I found the easiest sign to start with is “more.”

What I did to teach this sign is only give my child a small amount of snack and when it ran out I would say and sign “more”. Then, I would take his hands and say and sign “more” then give him more snacks. You can also do this when playing with them. Only give them a few blocks and have them request more by signing it as I said and sign it.  Or do something silly and have them request that they want to see it more by signing “more.”

I then proceeded to sign the different things as I gave it to my child. Say and sign all day with the basic sign I wanted them to know. With Princess D, the basic signs turned into more and more different signs as she learned to say the words or an approximation of the word. Eventually, she dropped the basic baby signs she used. 

Princess D learning to sign more peas please!

It is so important that you have to use the signs for your child to know that they are relevant and worth learning. I am not fluent in sign language. I only know basic signs and can only communicate on a basic level. Yes, I will admit. I forget the signs way more than my kids do. I struggle to try to remember the signs so I can know what Princess D is signing.

But she is very patient with me and helps me to remember the signs by using sounds and by telling me more about what she is talking about so I can use context clues. Most days, I feel like my life is a big game of charades. Ranger D is also a big help with helping me remember the signs and know what Princess D is saying because he can remember them easier than I can.

I would enjoy hearing from you in the comments. Please let me know how you teach your child signs and how they help. Also, let me know what you would like to hear about next in the blog.
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