Looking for a fun free activity to do with your children? How about check out Venice Beach! The shark tooth capital of the world and go shark tooth hunting.

Shark tooth hunting is like searching for hidden treasures. As you sift through shells and sand you find shark teeth. If your kids are like mine some of their treasures are the cool rocks and shells they find too. MOST of the shark teeth are small (less than an inch in size), so look carefully!

Shark Teeth and Beach Treasure

How to Find Teeth:

There are all sorts of ways to hunt for your sharks’ teeth. You can simply walk the beach, use sifters from your kids’ sand toys, purchase a Florida snow shovel, or make your own DIY sifter.

Shark teeth sifters

What is a Florida Snow Shovel? Well it is a long metal stick with sifter on the end of it.

Florida Snow Shovel

Our Favorite Beach:

Our favorite beach to visit when we are in Venice is Caspersen Beach.

Caspersen Beach

Caspersen Beach 4100 Harbor Dr, Venice, FL 34285 Venice beaches are free to park at and are a great little getaway for you and your kids. https://www.escape-to-sarasota.com/caspersen-beach.html

Shark Tooth Hunnting

Caspersen Beach is known as perhaps the most natural, undeveloped, and pristine beach of the Venice, Florida area. It’s a beautiful 1 ½ mile stretch of natural beach land.

Picnic Area

When or if you get tired of shark tooth hunting, there is also a cute little playground and picnic area, and hiking trails. Check out https://floridahikes.com/caspersen for more information about the hiking trails.

More Information About Shark’s Teeth:

What to know more about how more about sharks teeth visit https://www.fossilguy.com/sites/venice/index.htm

If you are looking for more fun activities to do with your kids? Click here to check out the Low-Cost Kids Activities section on Bits-N-Pieces.


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Hi! I'm Diana!

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